6 Days: Creating Family Connections

Daily rituals and powerful strategies to enhance communication and create a positive and empowering family connection.
"I enjoyed the way the information was given in small bite size chunks - each day I had a new concept to think about and apply with both my kids. I've learnt so much in just 6 days and we are all appreciating the time we invested, to understand each other and relate better when we are communicating, thank you so much!"
Sarah O.  (Mum of 2)
"Doing this course opened my eyes to a new way of thinking on how to communicate with myself and my kids. It has made a huge impact on me, my kids and all those around us.
A great relaxing learning structure, that made it so easy to connect and enjoy together."
Shannon H.  (Mum of 2)

Are you ready to connect and make changes?!

Six days of powerful content that is easy to follow and implement to give you immediate results.

Enjoy meditations, mindfulness, journaling and more!
▪ Morning rituals are designed to build connections with your children.  
▪ Midday power sessions are short, sharp and success driven!
▪ Enjoy evening activities to reflect on your day and enhance your family communication.

Created by coaches, who as parents themselves recognise the importance of making time to consider the impact of our actions, and create space for greater connection with our children.

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These six days are designed to help parents create a state that is empowered, positive, energised and centred for the whole family.