Hi, I’m Chrissie...

At first, learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy® was purely to help reset my own mindset.  I needed to release emotional ties to events from the past and take control of my emotional state and well-being.  

As a reflexologist I already loved helping others focus on their wellbeing, it didn't take long to realise how powerful it is to teach someone to recognise their own patterns, understand their behaviours and choose how to move forward using tools such as EFT (Tapping) and NLP techniques to create the future they desire.

My Mindset Coaching programs are designed to guide you through major growth and changes, always with measurable outcomes that shift your situation in a positive direction.

From emotional well-being to relationships, through to working with those in a corporate environment I absolutely love guiding others to step into their power and raise their belief of all they are capable of.


Let's work together to resolve a specific issue holding you back, or I can create a coaching program to support your journey towards a broader vision for your life.

I am particularly passionate about addressing anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm, confidence, negative thoughts and habits and learning how to enhance your communication skills (at home and work).

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I've absolutely LOVED integrating these products into my life for over nine years now - our team has helped hundreds of people transform, reset and maintain their fabulous health results.  

From nutrition, to collagen, to stress adaptation products, a performance range used by Olympic level athletes and incredible skincare... there are options to assist your body feel fabulous on the inside and out!

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Have you ever experienced the wonderful benefits of reflexology?  Pressure points on your feet help to release tension throughout your body, easing discomfort and encouraging balance.

Combined with Reiki & Healy (Frequency Healing) these sessions create an entirely new experience of relaxation.

Available in Geelong & Surf Coast region,
reach out to book a relaxation treatment at your home or mine!

  Check in with me to see what is available.

"Chrissie is amazing on so many levels - As a practitioner, a person and at understanding what was going on for me. I can't recommend her highly enough!"
"Chrissie brought great strategies to manage anxiety and overwhelm in the workplace, with clients and in our personal life. She was so approachable and easy to talk to even when the session was over and welcomed people to reach out which I really love as these topics can be very personal and difficult to talk about it a group. Thank you for adding so much value to our day Chrissie."
"I can't even explain how I am feeling! I felt after our session like I had so much weight lifted off me and this new type of confidence I have been really self aware of my thought patterns and have taken soooo many notes I really didn't realise my own thought patterns and how much it has been affecting me can't wait for our next session!"


Kick Anxiety to the Curb!

During this workshop you will learn how to...

▪ Recognise your unconscious beliefs and programming
▪ Release physical feelings of anxiousness from your body
▪ Reset yourself into a positive emotional state
▪ Focus forward to achieve your goals and show up in your life at 100% 

Co-authored book 'ROAR' is out now!

What an absolute honor to share part of my story with these amazing woman!

"Roar" delivers nine stories to show that challenges in life can also create an opportunity to grow and make an impact on those around you.  

Designed to inspire others to find their strength within, it will be ready in time for Mother's Day!

So exciting to see it all come together and an absolute privilege to be involved in this project.

Your past is NOT your potential.
In any hour you can choose to liberate the future!

- Marilyn Ferguson