Our  corporate trainings, workshops and speaking engagements focus on the specific requirements of our clients and audience.

We train across core business requirements including:

- Sales & Business Development
- Rapport and Client Relationship Management
- Corporate - Team - Individual values alignment
- The importance of language
- Mastering negotiation
- Behavioural flexibility
- Teflon mindset
- Conflict resolution
- Anxiety & Overwhelm Management
- Vision & Growth
- Excellence mindset & behaviour

From 2 hour group training to full day white label programs, purpose built and delivered in person, we excel at bringing out the best in our students, clients and audience at all times.

Clips from corporate training on
vision, ecology & "critical impact"...

Thank you Chrissie for bringing your fantastic knowledge on how to manage stress and overwhelm to our retreat.  Learning about how we can control the unconscious mind, stress and anxiety by using tapping and anchoring was really insightful.  

Chrissie really brought  some great strategies on how to manage anxiety and overwhelm in the workplace, with clients and in our personal life.  Chrissie was so approachable  and easy to talk to, even when the session was over.

She welcomed people to reach out which I really love as these topics can be very personal and difficult to talk about it a group.  Thank you for adding so much value to our session Chrissie. 

Rachel Vella
MasterCutterz Hair Studio