"I recently made a commitment to challenge myself more and focus on achieving my life purpose goals. Many times in the past I’ve missed the opportunity to grow myself because I thought I ‘didn’t have the time’ – Thankfully I stayed true to that commitment and dived head first into the amazing NLP Certification with The Collective Coaching Academy.  

I came away from the course feeling my life is forever changed; I now consciously take control of my thoughts and beliefs, I fully ‘own’ my situation rather than be at the effect of others and will keep showing up for myself at 100%.  I encourage everyone to explore this journey and see what greatness it will lead to in both your personal and business lives."

Deb Barndon
Service Coordination Manager at the NRMA

I’m deeply committed in growing as a leader, so honing my ability to understand others and communicate more effectively is important to me.   The program helped me understand myself more, which in turn, paved the way for me to understand others better.

 A few months since completing my certification, I still find myself drawing upon the principles I learned from the program across various settings - from important executive meetings to conversations with close friends.   I applaud Alex and Chrissie for their level of passion and support during and post the program.  

If the opportunity to do the program has come your way and you have the space to do it, you’ve got to say “yes” 

Francis Siasat
Associate Director Digital Product Management at Optus 

"I chose to step into learning with Chrissie and Alex from Collective Coaching Academy to dive into a deeper understanding of the human mind. To expand my skillset to offer clients a simple yet effective way to shift one’s mindset and to empower and awaken the highest self within.

Both Chrissie and Alex are brilliant and inspiring and are beautiful gifts to our community. I am grateful for their service and their ongoing support. Since doing the NLP practitioners certification I have gained an expansive toolbox to support not only my clients but also myself to shift old beliefs and patterns swiftly and easefully. I personally gained a new awareness on how each human has its own unique way of travelling though this life and a new level of understanding how best to connect with people and hear their language so as to support them in the best way.

I believe we are all sovereign beings who have the right to be powerful. I am an advocate for de-conditioning old paradigms and supporting my community to remember who they are and why they are here. I look forward to the next level of study with the Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy Certification.

Becky Renee
Peer Educator AOD, Sound Healer, Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Leader.

Being interested in personal & spiritual development, I jumped at the opportunity to participate in the 4 day NLP practitioners certificate course with The Collective Coaching Academy.  Little did I know before starting this course, that I would use the information to create & undertake training courses for my commercial team at Hawaiian Airlines.  Giving my bit back to an industry that has suffered enormously during COVID.

Alex & Chrissie structured a dynamic course which was comfortably followed & I was totally supported the whole way through.  With plenty of supporting material that allows you to reference back at any point.   I encourage you to take the leap of faith and invest in your personal and professional development.  
The sky is the limit, or is it?

Jenny Edmunds
Corporate Manager & Business Owner 

"I now feel ready and confident to go ahead with my classes! Thank you for aligning with me so perfectly, understanding my language, teaching me the mindset to be able to breakdown the pieces and the courage to move forward. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rebecca Wood
Business Owner at Rebecca Wood Hair Education

"I loved the atmosphere and the casual yet professional approach of the trainers. I felt supported and encouraged the whole way. The course content was challenging and rewarding to grasp during the practical sessions. I would recommend completing NLP with the Collective Coaching Academy to anyone looking to improve their leadership, communication and self awareness."

Michelle Johnson
Corporate Manager & Business Owner

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